Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Important Court Ruling in the Minnesota Abuse Cases

This is huge.  The St. Paul case can go forward on the basis that the archdiocese created a public nuisance.  First time this argument has worked.  It's not only worked, the court has rather heartily endorsed it ...

The Court found, “Failing to disclose information about an accused priest is akin to, and conceivably more offensive and dangerous, than other acts that have been considered public nuisances . . . . [t]he Court need look no further than Fathers Adamson and Curtis Wehmeyer as unfortunate examples of the horrendous consequences that can flow from intentional and misguided efforts to protect pedophile priests at the expense of minors.” (Order Denying Summary Judgment Motions Regarding Plaintiff’s Negligence and Public Nuisance Claims, pp. 10-11.)