Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Cakewalk

We only added one cake to our nearly completed number - but it was a Renegade Cake, at the Salvation Army building on Hampton Ave.  A lady there told me she's heard there's fifteen Renegade Cakes spread about the metro area (Renegade Cakes are the unofficial cakes commemorating the 250th anniversary of the founding of St. Louis; they are often more clever than the sometimes ugly and stupid 250 official cakes).  That would mean we've got to hit 265 before we can retired undefeated in our attempt to find and photograph all the cakes. 

227. Salvation Army
The Salvation Army Renegade Cake is missing a candle!

The stainless steel tree outside the St. Louis Art Museum.

Son Colin examines the Stainless Steel Tree.

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