Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Culture Projectile - Can Sublimated Sex Reform our Culture?

OK ... what the hell is this?  The Culture Project.  Caution: the site takes forever to load and it may crash your browser.  How you can reform culture without being able to build a functioning website is beyond me.

Because that's apparently what these kids want to do: reform the culture.  And apparently their reformation project has something to do with sex.  Apparently it has everything to do with sex - sublimated sex - along with a Frappuccino, some yuppie speedos and a hefty dose of vague prose that didn't make the cut in the last Woody Allen movie ...

"The experience was the same, though in different forms, textures, and places around the world. It was savoring a glass of red wine under the New York City skyline or trekking through the paths of the Pocono mountains; it was sitting in an old church or walking along the oceanside; it was reciting poetry or crafting a piece of music or falling in love; it was the personal experience of pressing against reality and finding deep questions and longings aroused. Among the raw questions and desires, one thing remained certain – they had fallen in love with something greater than themselves."

No.  I don't think so.  I really don't think so.

Apparently (though their web site is unwieldy and it's hard to say for sure), this is a group of young Single Catholics who are setting out to prove why other young Single Catholics are so freaking lonely and miserable: it's because they have to date narcissistic twits like this.

It is interesting to me that a hundred years ago Sigmund Freud kept insisting that sex built civilization and that sex was behind everything, sex hidden, sex repressed, sex sublimated.  And here these neo-Westian / Hipster Catholics seem to agree with him 100% - only since they're Catholic, they don't say "sex", they say "chastity" - but by "chastity" they seem to mean sublimated sex, and by "chastity building culture" they seem to mean exactly and precisely what Sigmund Freud meant in his materialistic, reductionist, atheistic attempt to make everything great and noble the neurotic byproduct of something selfish and stupid.  Only Freud was never so bourgeois, never so pseudo-intellectual, never so insufferable, as these exiles from the shopping mall, hoping to rebuild culture with "longings aroused".

Oh, for heaven's sake, just get married, start a family, read good books and do good work in your career.  That's how you reform the culture.  And that's what all these mystified "longings aroused" are for.


Anonymous said...

Everyone dumber than me is a bro, everyone smarter than me a hipster.

Drusilla Barron said...

There's not much and it's all very vague.

jvc said...

The Boomers believe the world began at Woodstock. Millennials believe the world began with Facebook.

These people think they're coming up with something new and amazing. The sad thing is, these neo-Westians won't be the last, not by a long shot.