Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Murder Mystery Photos

Dec. 17 of this year will mark the 25th Anniversary of my first public murder mystery performance.

Here are some photos we've taken along the way ...

With Jenna Fischer, Murder at the Haunted Mansion, 1994.

The original photo is me from Three Strikes, You're Dead, 1998.

Me as Phil Robertson in Death at Duck Dynasty, 2013

Ruth and I with Governor and Mrs. Carnahan, New Year's Eve, 1999

Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire? 2000

Who Killed Julius Caesar?  1999

Me as the Lord of the Dance, Christmas Killing in Kilarney, Holy-Field Winery, 2010.

Me as Robin from Pretty Woman of Death, 2014

Me as Conrad Birdie coming out of retirement - Die, Die, Birdie, 2001

Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara argue over a dead body, Gone with the Passing of the Wind, Evansville, IN, 2010

Me as Principal Borely of Shipley Creek High School, disciplining a student - Hooray for Homicide, 2004

Tonya Cunningham as the Smart Girl and Me as the Jock, Hooray for Homicide, on board My Old Kentucky Dinner Train, Bardstown, 2004

The Horrible Hobbit Homicide, Holy-Field Winery, 2013

Bing Cratchit backstage, I'll Be Homicidal for Christmas, 2010

It's a Wonderful Death, 1994

I've Got Friends in Buried Places, 2001

Me as Andy Griffith, Mayberry R.I.P., 2005.

Joel and Rachel with Betty White, 2008.

A promotional photo from our first show, Murder at Bunny & Clyde's, 1989.  (That's all my hair she's pulling!)

At the Missouri Governor's Mansion with Ruthie Hart, 1999.

Me as Charlie Chan, Murder on the Disoriented Express, 1998.

Me as Columbo, 2014.

Maria Romine and Dave Treadway, My Fair Murder, Holy-Field Vineyard, 2010.

Joel Friend as Sherlock Holmes; Me as Doctor Watson, No Schick, Sherlock, 1995.

As Woody Allen, Slay It Again, Sam, Hill Prairie Winery, 2004.

Me as Woody as a Giant Chicken, Slay It Again, Sam, North Shore Scenic Railroad, 2010

Me as Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade, Slay It Again Sam, 2010.

Maria as Dorothy; Me as Larry the Cable Guy portraying the Scarecrow, We're Off to Kill the Wizard, 2012.

The Cowardly Lion (as portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson, as portrayed by me), We're Off to Kill the Wizard, 2012.

Me as Al Gore as the Tin Man, We're Off to Kill the Wizard, Collver Family Winery, 2002.

Me as Gilligan, Gilligan's Island of Death, 2005.

Murder at the Mardi Gras, 1995

Who Killed Captain Kirk? 2000

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Anonymous said...

Oh these are great! Wish I could've seen even one of them! YouTube??