Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Christ Clone Trilogy

I've now recorded 35 audio books.  Most of them are available only through Ignatius Press.  But a few, such as Marcus Grodi's Pillar and Bulwark and How Firm a Foundation are available on Audible.

Now I have three more audio books that can easily be purchased and downloaded from Audible

They are the Christ Clone Trilogy by James BeauSeigneur.

You can listen to audio clips from each book in the trilogy here.  

This is an End Times story, and my readers will pick up a Dispensationalist angle, but there are some really excellent dramatic moments in these books, which is the story of a modern clone of Jesus, created from DNA cells found on the Shroud of Turin.  In addition, there's some penetrating insights into the New Age movement and the antichristian elements in it.

Check out the audio clips!  Here are the three books in the series ...

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