Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What's Your "Unreality of Choice"?

Richard's comment in response to Rosemary at a recent post is worth repeating here.  In short, we love whistle blowers and truth tellers, as long as they tell the truth we're comfortable with hearing and blow the whistle on the other guy.

Rosemary, it astounds me, as someone who is not "right wing" to hear progressives dismiss whistleblowers as "nuts" simply because they are not "our kind" of whistleblowers. 
Why is that one can narrate the excesses of greed to include over-the-top stories of double shift brokers spending their lavish earnings on hooker and cocaine binges or even resort to making money by manipulating California's energy grid and we don't call those "stories from nuts like this who fit their narrative"? Why, even if these are excessive examples, do we understand that mammon corrupts, and does so in a variety of ways?
Open your eyes. The social construct isn't male-female, it's MSM and FSF, a social construct for the 21st century. Tell me, what is crazier, the idea that men and women complement one another, or the so-called sexual evolution you speak of which attempts to recast reality to include relationships which themselves are modeled after the male-female patterns of relationships?
It seems obvious. Or so it should. But we don't like the kind of whistleblowers that shoot down our narrative. We pigeon-hole them as supporting one position or the other. All of us love whistleblowers, so long as they do not destroy the narrative of whatever political ideology we seem to hold. So let's ignore the commodifying wrought by surrogacy, let's label children of divorce or same-sex households as well-adjusted or bratty if they are not. 
At the end of the day, the popes were right. The Church is right. And both left and right are stuck with elephants in the room they avoid looking at all costs.

As Richard points out, the bizarre fiction that MSM (men who have sex with men) and FSF (females who have sex with females) is both normal and healthy is a fiction that rests on gay sex and gay relationships aping and imitating straight sex and straight relationships, without which "gays" would have nothing to imitate - and indeed would not even have been born into the world to imitate.  The left will buy into this fiction and ignore the elephant in the room - the disturbing reality of what the gay lifestyle and gay psychology is for most gays - because it's the Unreality of Choice for "progressives".

Meanwhile, the bizarre fiction that the unfettered crony capitalism that ends up controlling government and enslaving workers is somehow a great mark of liberty and the lifeblood (rather than the leech on the lifeblood) of America is held by those on the right who ignore their own elephant in the room - the disturbing reality of what Hudge and Gudge (Big Government and Big Business) are doing to the free world and to the lives of ordinary people - because it's the Unreality of Choice for "conservatives".

Meanwhile, the right loves the whistleblowers who expose the seedy side of unrestrained perversion, and the left loves the whistelblowers who expose the seedy side of unrestrained greed.

But we never want to see the elephant that's sitting right there beside us.

(By the way, this is all in response to this video, which blows the whistle on one of the elephants in the one of the living rooms, thereby infuriating a great many people)

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