Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hello Santa!

This year I've been earning a little extra money and having a lot of extra fun by portraying Santa Claus for Hello Santa, a company owned by Jib Jab.

Along with over 100 Santas nationwide, I get the privilege of recording personalized video messages to children, or - even better - engaging in live video chats with kids all over the world, bringing the joy of Christmas into their lives via jolly old St. Nick!

It really has been a blast!  Check it out and order a recorded message or a live video call for your own kids or grand kids.  Who knows?  You might even get me!

Here are some behind the scenes photos of me at work.  You'll note I'm in my "recording studio", which is our cedar closet in my basement, deep in the heart of the world headquarters of Upstage Productions and Theater of the Word Incorporated.

The North Pole backdrop hangs upon a clothes rack behind me.

During a live video chat.

Note the Theater of the Word mug


Tom Leith said...

Wait! When you play a part, aren't you suppose to play it all the way down to the fur underwear?

Unknown said...

Is Santa in the Bible? I've been reading it for a little while now and I can't find him anywhere. Is he only in the new testament, I haven't gotten that far yet. Thanks for any help,