Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Life in Show Business ... To Be Continued!

Dear Readers, you'll have to fork out the big bucks to hear the sequel!

To mark my 25th anniversary of performing murder mysteries, a while back I began writing true stories of my life in show business and posting them here.

Well, it turns out that a certain publishing house has expressed interest in these stories, as part of my overall autobiography.  Honestly.  I am not making this up.  So I landed a book deal!  I am to write my autobiography.  But one of the conditions is that I not publish more autobiographical material on the blog ... because it's all supposed to be in the book!

My working title is Acts of Faith.  It will be funny and theological at the same time.  And every word of it true.  Which means it will be pretty darned interesting - even if I leave out all the hookers and drugs.

With any luck, the book will be available as a Christmas gift this time next year.  Sorry to leave you hanging ... but stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome Kevin!!


Anonymous said...

Actually, it would be smarter marketing for your publisher to encourage you to continue with your series. People will look forward to the new installments and be anxious to hold them all together in book form.

After all, books are easier to re-read, gift, and recommend. (I've been forwarding links to your series, for example.)

ANYWAY, this is great news for you. I'll wait until next year BUT I still think your publisher is missing a marketing opportunity.

Remember: Dickens' novels first came out in serial form -- and still sell in consolidated book form. Did then; do now. Human nature hasn't changed, something every thoughtful Catholic -- especially you, a former decades-long atheist -- knows very well indeed.

Congratulations anyway!

~ Nona

John Henry said...

Grats! I've actually been feeling like a 19th century Muscovite waiting for the next installment of the Brothers Karamazov. Looks like I'll have to be patient a little longer...

Portia's Sister said...

Well, bother.

I've really been enjoying the installments!

But on the other hand, wonderful news and congratulations! Looking forward to ordering a copy in due course.

Whimsy said...

I was thinking of the kids' drama teacher the whole time I was reading this. Gift-giving isn't really my love language (7 kids, 1 income) but I might reconsider when this comes out.