Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sterility and the Future of the Church

I have not read the Vatican's report on the LCWR, the notoriously liberal, hateful and pro-abortion feminist collective of "religious" women (nuns and sisters) in the U.S.  Anyone who's had any dealings with any of these ladies knows that the Christian Faith is the furthest thing from their minds.  They worship the Pagan Power Goddess - and her name is not Jesus Christ and she does not demand that we carry a cross.  That the Vatican should back down from correcting this group and calling them out - which they apparently did back down from doing - tells you all you need to know about the Church today.

But I'm not commenting on that report, nor do I plan to read it.  Why?  Because these women are - quite deliberately - sterile.  They do not attract new vocations.  They are old, angry and bitter.  They are on their way out and there are no new "religious" to replace them.

But before we get all complacent about their impending demise, we are often in the same boat.

Much of the Devout Catholic culture is dying.  It is as sterile as the LCWR.  It cannot reproduce.  It is timid, insular, Unreal and in its own way as sick and perverted as the worst of the liberal feminists who are out there.

We do not appeal to normal people.  Human beings want life.  They want art and music and preaching that is not gelded, not severed from that which generates.  In another generation, if there is a reform in the Church, it will not come from the Devout Catholics.  For most of us have opted for Safety rather than the Spirit.


Tom Leith said...

I don't think the report released today is the LCWR report -- neither does Crux News.

Even so, the supposed "leadership" of women's religious communities reported on here are mainly LWCR members, and there was not a word. This has been called a whitewash. Maybe. Maybe there's another explanation.

One hopes there is a separation between the leadership and most of the women. Just because they call themselves “leaders” doesn’t mean they have followers. And then there are the orders not associated with the LCWR.

I await the LWCR report. The game might be to affirm the non-followers and correct the self-styled leaders.

In any case, 50% of women religious are older than 70 – the problem will solve itself even with weak episcopal leadership (which is the real problem, also solving itself – today is Pope Francis’ 78th birthday). I wonder whether there’s a bi-modal distribution where the LCWR types have a median age of 80 and the non-LWCR types have a median age of 40. If there’s a whitewash going on, I think it would be here. And just as RLC Burke says bishops should reflect on who’s having children, so should they reflect on this if only they learn of it.


Kevin Tierney said...

There's two different areas that are handling it.

There's the CDF handling the doctrinal aspects of the LCWR. Then there was the Apostolic Visitation of all religious life in America, of which the LCWR plays a really prominent role.

The CDF might indeed come down hard on it. but there's little denying the Church has more or less said there is no problem with religious life in America, nothing to see here, and called their boys home. It's shameful, and anyone who is attached to it has a black mark on their reputation for it.

But honestly Kev, what do you want? Today's "creative class" of catholicism is just a bunch of nerds with college degrees or theological study. They don't appreciate art, and are we surprised? most their liturgies are garbage. They even defend their garbage liturgies, by saying they are so sinful they don't deserve any better.

It's why I'm a traditionalist by default. Sure, we got some serious problems, but we at least have an idea of what the crisis is, and an idea of what it's solution is. But traditionalism has always been the mixture of blue collar work ethic with an appreciation for beauty.

Anonymous said...

This is not the CDF scrutiny of the LCWR, nor is it their report. You have mixed up the Apostolic Visitation of the Sisters (the Congregation of Religious) with the CDF.