Monday, December 29, 2014

Warming Up to Show Biz

Here I am outdoors (under an overhang) at the Pizza Oven at Cedar Ridge Winery in Swisher, Iowa, quickly changing into Bing Cratchit, host of the Cratchit Family Christmas special.  This was last Saturday night, during our performance of I'll Be Homicidal for Christmas.  We perform inside the winery's large event room, but I have to run outside by the Pizza Oven to change, and it was pretty darned cold - down to 12 degrees that night.  I was happy that Bing was wearing a sweater!  Fifteen minutes after this, I had to dash outside and change into Bing's boss, Ebenezer Scrooge, which is why the make-up pencil and clown white are close at hand.

This picture is part of a feature on us that will appear in the Cedar Rapids Gazette.  The photo is copyright Cedar Rapids Gazette.  More photos here.

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