Sunday, January 25, 2015

Another Flurry

While the East Coast gets a blizzard, today I set off a "flurry" of posts, about which the brave Anonymous said ...
In your flurry of posts today your self-righteousness is really showing itself.
... and of course he or she is right.  I mean, how do you write about sin and Faith when you happen to be a major sinner of marginal faith?

I once had a regular blog reader who called herself Beatrice from Amarillo.  She somehow managed to offend me mightily, and my pride was sorely wounded - for a long time.  But finally, my self-righteousness has abated and I realize that she was right and I was wrong and the anger I felt should have been directed entirely toward myself.  So, Beatrice, if you're out there - I'm sorry; you were far more right than I was, and far more courageous to stand up for the truth, which I, in my self-righteousness and wounded pride, did not want to admit, Sub-Catholic that I am.

And my male readers who are married know that we experience this a lot.  If we've been blessed enough to marry a woman who really loves us, and who loves us enough to be honest with us ... well, we're constantly getting our pride bruised, because she's constantly noticing - and pointing out - how wrong we usually are.

It's that "stirring the oatmeal love", the love that shows itself in small things and hidden ways, the love of the domestic Church, the family, that humbles us.

Anyway, Anonymous has more of a point than he or she realizes.


Oh, and by the way, Dana Webster has asked about Peter Kreeft.  Dana, here we are performing my adaptation of his play Socrates Meets Jesus, at which Dr. Kreeft was present ...

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Whimsy said...

You are a passionate defender and seeker of authenticity, which is rather unexpected, considering your line of work. ~ Kelly