Thursday, March 26, 2015

Be Careful What You Wish For

If the Vatican's Abuse Commission was established merely for show, the members thereof do not think so.  If Francis really wants the laity involved in cleaning up the Scandal, he's getting what he asked for - and I'd wager he doesn't like it.

Here's an ABC News story on the situation in Chile that quotes a number of lay members of the Abuse Commission who are attempting to hold Pope Francis accountable for serious reform.  It is ironic that the liberalists in the Church, for all their errors, are right about one thing in particular - the laity are members of the Church as much as the clergy are.  Vatican II was adamant about that, and maybe that will begin to sink in.

Several members of Pope Francis' sex abuse advisory board are expressing concern and incredulity over his decision to appoint a Chilean bishop to a diocese despite allegations from victims that he covered up for Chile's most notorious pedophile.
In interviews and emails with The Associated Press, the experts have questioned Francis' pledge to hold bishops accountable, listen to victims and keep children safe, given the record of Bishop Juan Barros in the case of the Rev. Fernando Karadima.

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skiadvocat said...

“I had no knowledge of the allegations against Rev. Karadima while serving as secretary to [Chilean] Cardinal Juan Francisco Fresno, and had no knowledge nor did I imagine those grave abuses this priest was committing against his victims,” Barros said.

“I understand those who have felt sadness or bothered,” Barros said in his statement, “

So much for candor, forthrightness and honor, Bishop Barros. The phrases "had no knowledge" and "nor did I imagine" are clear indicators that he is adhering to the protocol of RCC world leadership........evade, obfuscate and deceive.

But the final blow is his last statement...................."I understand those who have felt sadness or bothered." It is important to note that HE himself has not expressed/felt "bother or sadness" but he UNDERSTANDS those who have expressed/felt these/sentiments. What a slap in the face, no, a punch in the face to clergy abuse victims and their families. For anyone seeking advanced training in HUBRIS, please check with the newly appointed bishop.

Mike Skiendzielewski
Philadelphia, PA

Kneeling Catholic said...


I think you have cut thru a lot of the haze being puffed out by professional smoke machines.

I hope I have not misrepresented you here:

I (yes,"I" again) disagree totally with people who think Benedict's abdication and Francis' elevation is great because it will move the world's attention away from Catholic scandals. The solution is not to distract attention from real problems so we can then paper them over and 'move on to important things' like ecumenism and stopping fracking and redefinign the 6th Commandment. If that is what the Holy Father's strategy is here, I pray it does not succeed.

Didn't someone once say.(?).'if you don't want to create scandal, then stop doing scandalous things!'