Thursday, May 21, 2015

Parable: In a Pickle

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I tried to lecture the Dirt Eater. "It's a disgusting habit," I said. "Eating dirt - which has no nutritional value, and some of the dirt you eat - straight from the manure pile! No wonder so many of you Dirt Eaters are malnourished and pick up various intestinal infections."

"People who eat what you call real food get sick, too," the Dirt Eater responded. "You may die from eating a mushroom, but I will never die from eating the dirt around it."

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Anonymous said...


perhaps under-emphasis on 'the good' our natures is orientated to is to blame.

I do notice that sexual temptation becomes much easier to deal with when you consider, not the prohibitive laws in themselves rather the purpose of the good they're supposed to encourage (by elimination).

And though this may be pseudo-spam, I got into a debate on gay marriage recently and thought maybe it could be a way of countering "gay marriage" SIMPLY by glorifying marriage and the inherent natures of the men and women involved;

"UNITY and FRUITFULNESS with a married couple are intimately connected and related, they cannot truly be separated. As the unity and fruitfulness both are bound to the complimentary natures of the man and woman involved.

Men and women's brains and bodies are designed for union with one another; for example when they "know" one another in love and bear children their brains are designed to change structure for one another and the good of family.

Even with the privation of infertility, man and woman in union glorify the institution and are an example to children and society of what it means to be a man and a woman.

The differences between men and women are highlighted AND elevated such that individually the natures are glorified even more BUT ALSO the UNION is revealed to be something greater than the sum of it's parts."