Thursday, February 2, 2017

A New Beginning

Today, on the Feast of the Purification, I begin a new venture online - posting various things on this site.  I hope to put up videos, articles, pictures, podcasts.

I also hope to avoid the negativity from my old blog, Waiting for Godot to Leave.
Kevin O'Brien, playing the fool.  With my wife Karen, who's used to it.

And I hope to reach my new audience - Catholic young people!  I have been teaching for two years now at Homeschool Connections and I'm in my second semester teaching High School Drama at St. John Paul Prep in St. Charles, Missouri.  And I love doing both!  My students are, as a rule, intelligent, creative, fun and serious about their faith.  And they need someplace fun, challenging and intelligent to go to on the web ... so maybe this can be it.

I am a former atheist and a current devout Catholic who totally understands people's doubts and frustrations.  Plus I like stupid jokes.  In fact, I make my living writing stupid jokes.

Meanwhile, I'm quite busy.  Last year between Upstage Productions and Theater of the Word, we had 214 performances of at least a dozen different scripts in ten or more states, which I produced and almost all of which I acted in.  I taught and designed about ten different courses, I recorded six audio books and wrote several plays and my soon-to-be-published book, A Bad Actor's Guide to the Meaning of Life.  So things are pretty nutty for me.

But I am called to do this, so stay tuned.

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