Saturday, February 25, 2017

Throwing the Book at You

A reader writes ...

[On your blog Waiting for Godot to Leave] you posted a few chapters from your projected memoir, but I've seen nothing about it after you let your enthusiastic readers know that you had a book contract and would no longer post.
I've been saving my money ever since to buy your book. Is it available yet? I relished those excepts so much; I could hardly wait to read the whole thing.

The book is written and awaiting publication, which, I am told, will be within about six months.  It is tentatively titled A Bad Actor's Guide to the Meaning of Life - unless the publisher (or my readers) can think of a better title.  It's actually pretty good.

After that, ACS Books will be publishing a collection of my plays.  So all the money my readers are saving can buy two books!

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