Friday, April 7, 2017

Bland Theology and Bland Churches

(Father Dwight posts on Facebook ...)

Belloc said, "Every argument is a theological argument." The reason modern Catholics build ugly, utilitarian preaching halls is because their theology has become Moralistic, Therapeutic Deism.
In other words, their Catholicism has simply become a religion of good works--helping people and now and again giving one another stimulating sentimental thoughts about a God who is out there somewhere.
This type of religion does not require a beautiful temple which is the house of God. It does not require a beautiful Bethel--the meeting place of God and Man.
It requires a big empty meeting space in which the folks gather to hear a pep talk about being nicer people.
Or am I being harsh?

... No, Father Dwight, you are not being harsh.  Except Moralistic Therapeutic Deism is a misnomer.  The Inconsequentialism that is practiced at most of our parishes is neither Moralistic (for we are told you can do whatever you want), Therapeutic (a good therapist is much more challenging than almost any homily you're likely to hear) or Deist (we believe God is a personal God, He's just Nice all the time and never to be feared).

Modern Catholics are not Moralistic Therapeutic Deists.  We are INCONSEQUENTIALISTS, and everything we believe and do is (we think) inconsequential.

We are in Eliot's hell, where "nothing connects with nothing".

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