Friday, April 14, 2017

Come Down from the Cross

A friend of mine, who gladly accepts the consolations of God, rejects pretty much everything else about Him.

Here are some points he made yesterday in a talk with me ...

  • God is horrific if anyone is damned to hell.  What about the chance of repentance after death?  God is a monster if the Parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man is true.
  • Why could Jesus not perform miracles in His home town?  Because they were on to His tricks!  
  • I'm a scientist.  I don't care that other scientist have been unable to find natural causes for miraculous cures in our day, including the many cures at Lourdes.  So tumors and terminal illnesses disappear?  What about a man growing a limb back!  What about a severed arm coming back!  Why don't we ever see a miracle like that?

Which reminds me of this ...

So You are the Christ
You're the great Jesus Christ
Prove to me that You're no fool
Walk across my swimming pool

Meanwhile, over the years, I've seen this man move the goalposts.  He sent his kids to Catholic schools and began to complain that they were not receiving solid religious education; then he began to complain that they didn't want to go to Mass and stopped going when they moved out of the house; then he began to complain that his older son was smoking a lot of weed; and now one of the kids is simply fornicating regularly with his girlfriend, and I no longer hear complaints about that.  Except last night I did hear this.  "My sons tell me they no longer believe in God and that bothers me!"

I tried to explain that Jesus' "inability" to perform miracles in His home town is a Sign - a Sign of the effects of hearts of stone.  

Today on Good Friday, the mockery still rings in His ears.  "Come down off the cross and we'll believe!  You saved others!  Save yourself!"

Well, we think we can save ourselves, so why not demand that He save Himself?  Miracles and resurrections are not enough - jump higher, Christ, jump higher. 

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