Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Modern Paradoxes

  • Traditionalists (those who love the Extraordinary Form of the Catholic Mass) have a great sense of beauty; Radical Traditionalists (rad trads) do not - they become overawed by details and lose all sense of proportion: for a rad trad, a mantilla is more important than the attitude it's supposed to convey.  And since beauty is all about correct proportion, Radical Traditionalists end up radically opposed to Traditionalists - for "rad trads" in losing all sense of proportion lose all sense of beauty.
  • Protestants make a lot of noise about Catholic doctrine being "un-Scriptural".  But most Protestants have a complete contempt for Scripture.  They ignore John 6, many ignore the dozens of passages that teach the necessity and effectiveness of Baptism, and one commenter (apparently Protestant) just now posted here that Scripture does not teach the necessity of faith in Jesus!  If Protestants who adore Scripture have this much contempt for it, I'd hate to see what Bible-bashers think.
  • Ignorance is a terrible thing, as I'm learning from the home school Freshman student I'm tutoring, who knows nothing about anything other than alternative rock bands and how to work the internet.  But if ignorance is not bliss, it is at least a blessing.  It allows her to approach almost any subject with an open mind.  But even that's not entirely true, for mixed in with the Ignorance her teachers have deliberately cultivated in her (before she was home schooled) is a very hefty dose of prejudice - and prejudice is simply congratulating yourself for knowing things you know nothing about.
  • Never before has so much knowledge been at our immediate disposal.  Never before has Ignorance been so wide-spread.  Never before have the Ignorant been so smug about how much they think they know.  Never before have the Ignorant felt such a lack of shame for what they don't know, or such a lack of interest or curiosity about it.
  • Here's how arguing on the internet goes.
A:  The sky is blue.
B:  How dare you!  Prove it.
A:  Look at the sky.  What color do you see?
B:  White.
A:  Those are clouds.
B:  Got ya!  
A:  No, you don't "got me".  You're looking at the wrong thing.  Let's try this.  What color is that shirt you're wearing?
B:  Blue.
A:  Look at the sky.  That open part next to the clouds.  Is not that the same color as your shirt?
B:  Are you saying the sky comes from Wal-Mart just like my shirt?  You are an idiot!

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Anonymous said...

Many Protestant theologians are/have become Catholic. Seems only non serious, non scholarly, may I say ignorant Catholics, become Protestant.
Teresa Marie