Thursday, May 23, 2013

The False Coin

Just FYI - today I had at least a dozen pro-lifers attack me and call me names.  One said I was "an asshole" because I condemn Lying.  Another kept telling me I was "picking on" Lila Rose, a woman who is clearly trying to do great good.  One said God will smite me.  Others concur: I'm stupid, I'm a liar myself, I'm a Pharisee, I'm secretly pro-abortion.  These were comments sent to me via Facebook, email and this blog.  It's why I started moderating comments again.

The hate was venomous and at a higher pitch than I've ever seen it.

And the worst: a friend of mine who is a clergyman in the Catholic Church told me a while back that because of my stance on this issue (that Church Teaching is Church Teaching and Dissent is Dissent), he would tell everyone he met that "there was a corruption at the heart of the Theater of the Word Incorporated", my apostolate - thus intending the destruction of my company and a blow to my livelihood.

So when John B. Manos at the Bellarmine Forum opens an article by expressing horror at the things he's seeing on this blog from my readers, he's not just using hyperbole - and he hasn't seen the comments I've deleted!

Manos goes on to write one of the most forthright articles on Church Teaching on Lying that I've ever read.

The most shocking quote is from the Angelic Doctor ...

The soul of the liar is like a counterfeit coin, stamped with the devil’s effigy; when at the Last Day, the Judge shall ask: “Whose image is this?” the answer will be “the devil’s;” and He will then say: “Render unto the devil the things that are his” (St. Thomas Aquinas).

Read the whole article here.

I have told John to expect the worst.

Meanwhile, comments are being moderated.  You may disagree with me, but don't bring up the same old hypotheticals we've been addressing for two full years now.  Read up on this first and you might not be tempted to ask questions that have been addressed over and over again.  Also keep in mind that arguments are not adequately addressed by isolated anecdotal hypotheticals.  From the beginning, the points the Anti-Lying side has been making have been ignored; the rebuttals have been the same old rebuttals, regardless of what we say.

The arguments for the Lying Apologists are either

  1. Church teaching is not authoritative on this issue
  2. Deceiving people by means of falsehoods is not a LIE for goodness sakes!
  3. We must do evil so that good may come, especially little tiny evils
  4. Oh yeah!  What about cops?  What about actors?  What about Santa Claus?  What about "Does this dress make me look fat?"  Huh?  Huh?  Huh?  (these objections in particular have been answered countless times)
  5. You're uncharitable!  Your tone is harsh!  I don't like you!
  6. Forget evidence from Scripture!  Solomon lied and Jesus lied - so there!

Therefore if you use one of those six rebutals, your comment will not get through.  And if you say anything vulgar your comment will not get through (though I will allow "bite me", a personal favorite).

But rest assured that if you call me names or spew venom at me, I'll hear you even if no one else does.

Now read John's article and do your best to ignore it.


Ron Van Wegen said...

I'm with you - hang in there.

Scott W. said...

Maybe you ought to dub them the official numbers like Zippy with his Catalog of Failed Arguments for waterboarding:

Terence M. Stanton said...


1) Lying is always wrong.
2) Your blog is always interesting.
3) We need more Father Browns in this world and fewer Stanford Nuttings.

Unknown said...

Well said, and obviously true(or should be obviously to any Christian!) Jesus is the truth. Lying is the one ring. Whenever it is used it serves the purposes of the enemy, no matter what the intentions of the person who uses it.