Saturday, August 25, 2018

Pope Francis Must Resign

Dear Friends in my Apocalypse Email Group and Readers of this Once Defunct Blog (which covered the Abuse Scandal, among other things),

This is an Apocalypse - which means a revelation, an uncovering.  

Apocalypse indeed.

Because now we know.

The bishops are not inept or stupid.  They never have been.  All along, the bad ones have been deliberately and coyly asserting their agenda - which is a dark, sick and hidden agenda, one that preys upon the most innocent among us.  And Pope Francis has been in cahoots with them.  As annoying as the conspiracy theorists and Francis haters are among us, they've been right.  The extremists saw the truth before we did - hard as that is for some of us to admit. 

Understand this: this has all been deliberate.  Men do not allow other men to abuse children or adults under their authority (such as seminarians), nor do they allow the frank hypocrisy under their watch that this ugliness has revealed them to have allowed.  These things just don't happen.   "Oops!  Bishops and priests are sexually promiscuous, and some of them with children and our Catholic seminaries are often places where such sickness is encouraged and cultivated and where seminarians are deliberately targeted for abuse and corruption and gosh what can I do about it?"  No, these things just don't happen.  They are deliberate.

Pope Francis is the top enabler, facilitator and hypocrite.  That may hurt and sting, but it's true.  He and Wuerl and Cupich and all of the fifth column within the Church has to go.  Yes, we're all sinners and yadda yadda - but this is not our fault; we are in the penumbra of victims - not terrorized as the direct victims are, but fooled and suppressed and victmized all the same.  It is not our fault.  It is the fault of the enemy within.

Pope Francis is as bad as McCarrick - worse, in a sense, because Francis could have stopped McCarrick and his ilk, but he didn't and he lied about it (lying is endemic to the fifth column).  There is a reason our Church is so sick and so many of us have felt so lost and confused within the heart of our Church for so long.  It has been infested.  The infestation must be cleared out.

It's not just the liberals or the conservatives, the far left or the far right, who have undermined us.  It is neither political nor ideological.  It is the planned sabotage of the Body of Christ and of all that is good.  It is a coordinated attack on what common, normal people hunger for and value.  "And this is the verdict: The Light has come into the world, but men loved the darkness rather than the Light, because their deeds were evil." (John 3:19)

See it for what it is.  I blogged about this for years and many of my readers pushed back.  I received at least one threat of physical violence.  I had so-called conservative Catholics swear and curse at me.  I had readers put pressure on organizations I worked for to fire me because I was exposing the bad behavior of bishops that they liked, exposing them here on this blog.  

I finally stopped blogging.  I did not need the hassle.

But what you all are seeing, with this perfect storm of McCarrick and the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report, and now Pope Francis, I saw clearly years ago, along with a few others who looked into the Scandal and tried to tell the ugly - indeed the horrific - truth about it.  

So believe me - this is real. 

If the Pennsylvania Report is replicated in all fifty states - the Church will never be the same.  But that may be the very purgation that we need.