Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Charlie Johnston's Followers take the Next Wrong Step

NOTE - On April 29, 2106, Charlie Johnston responded to this post and my previous one with outright lies, doing his best to libel me in the process. I go into detail about that here - Charlie Johnston Lies about Me - and I Admire Him for It! Charlie is one of the most outrageous frauds in the Catholic Church. He actually fascinates me - in a sad way. Read on ...

Charlie Johnston is a false prophet.

His archbishop has "strongly" advised Catholics to be cautious of him.  His archbishop has also banned him from speaking in his own archdiocese.

Charlie, in the great tradition of false prophets, has spun this warning to his own advantage, and Charlie's True Believers have rallied around him and have been guzzling the Kool-Aid since the bishop's letter and Charlie's spin appeared earlier this week.

I posted about Charlie Johnston last fall, detailing at least one of his prophecies that have proven false, and detailing, from evidence on his Facebook page, that he did not walk across America, as he continues to claim he did.  And while Charlie is stretching the truth at best and lying at worst when he insists that he walked across the U.S., his other claims are based not on his own tall tales, but on purportedly revealed truths and warnings given to him by an angel of God.

Charlies says his angel has been appearing to him and warning him of dire things to come, including the suspension of the 2016 elections, Obama not finishing his term as president, Obama converting to the Catholic faith, the end of "normal" Christmas, worldwide financial collapse, and the appearance of the Virgin Mary in a universal apparition during 2017, with all of the turmoil of our suffering resolving itself into a utopian peace on earth after the appearance of Our Lady.

It is, of course, patent nonsense on the surface, and Charlie, a good old boy from Belleville (across the river from me) seems to have fallen into something he wasn't planning - a cult status among gullible Catholics.  What is disturbing is not so much that Catholics lust after the lurid, or that Catholics want their Faith to be indistinguishable from a National Enquirer headline, or that Catholics tire of the daily drudgery of picking up our crosses in small ways and conforming ourselves to Christ; what is disturbing is that Charlie is getting good at this.  He's learning how to work these people.

Comments are open.  Feel free to excoriate me and make fools of yourselves.  But respond at the very least to the evidence I present in my previous Charlie post that Charlie has been lying about his so-called walk across America.  And if he's lying about that - or even stretching the truth about that - why would we believe him about anything else, especially things that are prima facie ridiculous?

Meanwhile, for those of you who are sane, rest assured that not all Catholics buy this garbage.  The archbishop of Denver doesn't; only the fringe does, and when the Charlie Fad ends, they'll be on to someone else, someone even more ridiculous and even more dangerous than Charlie is.


Here's the story on Charlie from the Denver Catholic Newspaper.  Note that, since the archdiocese conducted a "preliminary investigation", the question of the veracity of the so-called visions, and of the angelic or demonic character of the so-called angel was not examined.  For a preliminary report, this is devastating to Charlie - though his followers won't admit that.

Archdiocese releases statement on alleged visionary Charlie Johnston

Caution urged in face of claimed divine visions and messages  

MARCH 07, 2016
The Archdiocese of Denver released a statement on the alleged visionary Charlie Johnston, urging the faithful to “exercise prudence and caution” with regard to his claims that he has received “divine visions and messages.”
The statement, released March 7, reveals that the archdiocese has conducted a preliminary investigation into the writings and speeches of Johnston that date back to 1998.
“Johnston claims to have received both visions and messages from the Blessed Mother, the Archangel Gabriel and other saints since he was young,” the statement discloses. “According to Mr. Johnston, the purpose of these visits was to train him to serve as a messenger for God and strengthen the faithful, particularly during a time of economic and moral upheaval, which he refers to as ‘The Storm.’
“In his writings and in person, Mr. Johnston also insists that the ‘prophetic’ aspects of his message are not essential and should not be the focus of those who follow him. However, it appears that those same predictions are what attract new followers to his message and give them a sense of urgency and zeal.”
Chancellor David Uebbing explained to the Denver Catholic that “the scope of the commission created to assess Mr. Johnston’s messages was limited to conducting a preliminary investigation. Should Archbishop Aquila later decide to launch a full-fledged investigation, the question of whether or not Mr. Johnston’s alleged visits from saints and angels are divine would be addressed. As a result of the preliminary investigation, Mr. Johnston will not be approved as a speaker in the Archdiocese of Denver.”
The full release is below.
Statement on the alleged visionary Mr. Charlie Johnston
On March 1, 2016, officials from the Archdiocese of Denver met with Mr. Charlie Johnston to inform him of the findings of a preliminary investigation into his writings and speeches. A special commission composed of two theologians and a canonist reviewed material from his blog, videos of presentations from various parts of the country, and an archive of writings detailing Mr. Johnston’s alleged visions as far back as 1998.
Mr. Johnston claims to have received both visions and messages from the Blessed Mother, the Archangel Gabriel and other saints since he was young. According to Mr. Johnston, the purpose of these visits was to train him to serve as a messenger for God and strengthen the faithful, particularly during a time of economic and moral upheaval, which he refers to as “The Storm.”
In his writings and in person, Mr. Johnston also insists that the “prophetic” aspects of his message are not essential and should not be the focus of those who follow him. However, it appears that those same predictions are what attract new followers to his message and give them a sense of urgency and zeal.
After hearing concerns and inquiries from Catholics throughout the United States and within the Archdiocese of Denver itself, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila decided to launch a preliminary investigation to advise him on the content of Mr. Johnston’s writings and presentations. It should be noted that the commission’s mandate did not include determining whether Mr. Johnston’s messages are divine in origin.
After reviewing the commission’s findings and in keeping with his pastoral office, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila of Denver has decided to strongly advise the faithful to exercise prudence and caution in regards to Mr. Charlie Johnston’s alleged divine visions and messages. As has been demonstrated with other alleged apparitions, the danger exists of people placing greater faith in a prediction than in Christ’s words and promises.
For these reasons, Mr. Johnston will also not be approved as a speaker in the Archdiocese of Denver.
For those who are disappointed by this finding, the archdiocese encourages them to seek their security in Jesus Christ, the sacraments, and the Scriptures. The faithful should also remember Christ’s words: “But about that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father” (Mt. 24:36).


Anonymous said...

AMEN, I have been saying some of the same things. Charlie or one or more of his followers will be here shortly to spin. Charlie has nothing better to do than troll the internet looking for detractors and try his good ole boy spin. He won't admit it, but that was a huge blow for him and what the diocese nicely said spoke volumes in their silence of what they didn't say. It is very important to go after these shysters as they fool a whole lot of people who innocently fall into his trap. Once a liar always a liar. Charlies downfall, PRIDE. One of the deadly sins and the same sin that Satan is guilty of Pride and jealousy, but mostly PRIDE. Charlie is unwittingly or not a pawn of Satan and his followers better wrap their heads around that. I hate to say mean things about a person I don't know, but Charlie put himself out there and so he is fair game for scrutiny. He is so prideful that he didn't even think that someone would check his background for falsehoods, hence his downfall. Praise God for people like you who are able to do this and save good Catholics from Satan's influence. What is needed is someone in his area to go thoroughly into his background and publish ALL his lies. If the diehards stay it's on them, but it will keep Charlie from adding to his rapt audience who refuse to read between the lines of his senseless rants. It only took me a few weeks to decide something wasn't right about him. His blog is nothing more that reprints of religious articles and his own rants, with the hook of the predictions to reel you in and his other hook the next right step, which you researched and found he lied about his so called walk. I tried and tried to find out about that, because I suspected he was lying about that. Thank You for insiteful article

Anonymous said...

Amen It only took me a short time to believe that something wasn't right about him. Once a liar always a liar. Charlie will find this trolling the internet as he does looking for detractors so he can spin his web here also. His downfall is that he is PRIDEFUL, the same deadly sin Satan was guilty of. It takes people like you to delve into his background with a fine tooth comb and then publish his lies. It will save good Catholics from being taken in by his hook, predictions and then next right step. His blog is nothing more then reprints of religious articles and his non stop rants. He sucks people in by his constant complaints of illnesses and sufferings likening himself to the suffering of saints. He implies it. What made him do this, maybe loneliness, maybe being a failed writer with dreams of celebrity. Oh and he has some followers who troll too, you can tell them right away. If he was on the up and up he wouldn't need to do that. The diocese of Denver said volumes with their silence on being a visionary, but it was clear to me in what wasn't said that they feel he is a fake. If Charlie has dreams of being verified, that will have to come from the Vatican and it would be so many years that he would be dead. His big dream of taking his show on the road to Catholic venues is over, and believe me, he is spitting mad. Satan never wins in the long run, Charlie. You are either unwittingly or not a pawn of Satan. Think about it Charlie followers. Jean

Unknown said...

Good morning,what I don't understand is how everyone seems to think this man Charlie is upset,meaning those who write the articles and the respondents as well.Why not let this play itself out ,Bishop Aquila spoke and Charlie responded.This should be the end of discussion,but it will go on for sometime rest assured.I am just curious why the posts are "Anonymous" seems to me that we should be using our identies?As if you want to speak ,but hide in a crowd.Makes no sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Because Charlie is pretty slick and he gets more and more followers to dupe, so people who have researched and discovered he is a fake need to speak out Jean

Benjamin. said...

I'm surprised you haven't written about the recent obsession with "I went to Heaven for a day" books.
They seem to have a strong attraction to many protestants, for reasons I can never understand.
It is as if people think that in order to believe in Christianity they need to believe in anything that appeals to Christians.

Unknown said...

Hi Jean, I personally am not a follower if Charlie.I listened to hisBirmingham talk I'm figuring 4times since October,what he said in that talk
Resonated and made sense to me in this crazy world,but more so for me interiorly.I am not into dates and times but something does have to give,for darkness is do thick.Bishop Aquila said use caution and prudence and Charlie appears to be in sync with the ruling.Holy Love Ministries say don't listen to Bishop Lennon,come the graces are flowing.vaticancatholic shows up in the most unusual places i.e. Job search
Engines and I have spoken up ,to me they seem to be wolves in sheeps clothing preying on the spiritually vulnerable..Sunday morning I am driving along and notice there is something on the windshield.St MichaelsWorld wide Apostolate/Veronica Luken Bayside ,Queens.I laughed my head off ,because I grew up on Long Island but relocated to the southwest and they show up here!What I am getting at is whatever ones
Opinion is ,stand up ,identify yourself and be counted.....P.S why do I have a garbage pail next to my comment? have a good nightšŸŒ¹

LS said...

Great article, Kevin. The spin coming from Charlie's camp is mind-boggling. Sure, he's going to comply with what the Archbishop said, but he's still bent on going his way. He's not stopping the Eucharistic processions idea - which is an excellent one, but looks iffy when being presented as his idea.

I wouldn't have an issue with any of that if he was an ordinary layman, BUT now that the Archdiocese has cautioned against his messages, people have to ask themselves why he's on this mission in the first place, and it has to be separated from those "visitations". That didn't seem to be addressed by the Archdiocese, because this investigation was only preliminary. Charlie's supporters seem to forget that. If the Archdiocese is issuing caution now, a second and more rigorous investigation may well permanently damage his case.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kevin - great piece. You are a voice of reason. God Bless! Michele

Anonymous said...

I have had, it, and am SO burnt out with Charlie Johnston. From the first time I watched him speak, online, I did not feel in the Spirit that he was a true Prophet of God. There is no "annointing." There is TOO MUCH of HIMSELF, and NOT ENOUGH about GOD. There is no humility. It is I..I..I.., and where is his witness about giving glory to God in terms of these visitations? You JUST DON'T hear it from him. If he's had TRUE visitations from Jesus, and Our Lady, where has he WITNESSED about, this, and the details of, this, and described to us how WONDERFUL Jesus and Mary are? Also, the Visionaries at Fatima, for example, had others WITNESSING them, as they saw Mary. But NO ONE, that I'm aware, has ever WITNESSED Charlie, in terms of his claimed, or supposed visitations. What he tells, us, is based strictly on his own account- which could very well have been fabricated by him, or could be a deception of Satan. His claims of visitations do not sound REAL or CREDIBLE to me. He describes his angel who appears, to him, as being glaring, and threatening, if Charlie questions any aspect of carrying out the "supposed" mission, he claims he is called to. This is NOT the description of any heavenly angel that has ever been described to me. God's angels are kind, supportive, loving, obedient, and good. They do not scowl, and threaten people. This sounds demonic. Also, Charlie makes great effort to SOUND good, and say all of the right CATHOLIC things, but MUCH of what he talks about has no substance, because it does not appear to be being LIVED out by him. True prophets are HOLY people. They are not proud, and mean-spirited, and boastful. They have kindness, gentleness,openess,and love, when it comes to others. I do not see these qualities in Charlie. I see just the opposite. If you don't want to play the game JUST his way, so to speak, and follow everything he has to say, you are put down, disrespected, shut down, and thrown out. A TRUE and holy prophet, would not do this. If you ask a question that Charlie feels threatened, by, or does not agree with his line of thinking, he is insulting, and rude. He displays a lot of PRIDE, and CANNOT EVER be wrong. A true prophet, especially one that has had visitations from Mary, and Jesus, should be affected by those visitations, in terms of being HOLIER. I do not see this in Charlie. Charlie is very CONTROLLING, and what he represents, has a "cultic" flavor, which is scarey. He talks about taking the "next right step," but I do not see him taking this step when it comes to treating people with kindness, who question him, or disagree with him. And he is certainly not being a sign of HOPE to me- that's for SURE. Charlie does not have the answers for us, in these end times- Jesus, does, and Our Blessed Mother,does, and Our Lord's true, Prophets and Visionaries, already approved by the Church, do. Look to them, for hope, and you CANNOT go wrong! As far as Charlie's future predictions, they are gloom and doom, and everything he talks about is just an "annoying distraction" from the already Church approved Prohetic/Visionary messages, that God has provided. Again, let us look to THESE messages!

Anonymous said...

So what do you care about Charlie? You're giving him a lot of attention; just take the Gamaliel approach. His prediction about the election will be proven true or false in just a few months. If it turns out as he says you'll be eating a lot of crow.

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you Bob.I wish more energy would be put into Holy Love Ministries and the you-tube prolifeformankind.Holy Love was condemned by Bishop Lennon and they say The graces continue to pour.Don't listen to him.I don't get it seems we have one who seems
To be obedient and one that isn't Too much energy here in the wrong place it appears.

Anonymous said...

Charlie appears to be a false prophet, and people need to KNOW about this. It is not "wasted" energy to let people know. ANYTHING, or ANYONE, that is false, and not of God, needs to be EXPOSED. God will expose it, through, us, his elect, and holy people, or He will expose it DIRECTLY, when the supposed prophet's prophecies do not come to pass. It's not that only "certain" false prophets, or false ministries/web sites,deserve more of our time and energy, in the act of exposing. Again, ALL false prophets, or anything that is not of God, needs to be EXPOSED. And it is JESUS that will make this happen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob, (Anonymous April 29-th). I will not be "eating crow," when Charlie's false prophesies do not come to pass. Instead, I will be "taking in" the loving affirmation, from God, that I listened to His beloved Holy Spirit, and did not follow the prophetic words of a false prophet.