Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Sensitive Actor Responds to his Director

This is part three to this and this. And I swear I am not making this up ...

Here's part of what I deal with in my business. I placed an ad last week for an actor to play a part in an upcoming television series. I got an email from one guy and offered him a slot last Friday, audition by appointment, any time during the day or evening he could make it. "I've got to work," he tersely replied, and suggested no alternate dates.

Then I placed another ad this week. He applied again. I offered him 9:30 am this Friday (Sept. 23). He made the appointment, then emailed me late tonight (Thursday, Sept. 22) saying, "I've got to cancel. I've got to work."

When I told him I would not reschedule him, that two attempts were all I was going to make to audition him, he wrote back (and I swear I am not making this up, it's a copy and paste, punctuation and all) ...

"you should respect the artists personal life before your own selfish need. Dont reply back to me unless you are mature enough to understand my side."

I mean, you can't make this stuff up! This is why I LOVE this business!

DISCLAIMER: The photo above is not of the Sensitive Actor, but of yours truly portraying a Sensitive Actor.


Kevin F said...

Picture cracked me up so hard. Wait a minute, I think... I used to BE that guy! What was WRONG with me??

KathleenLundquist said...

Good Lord - if I pulled anything like that on a director, my agent would drop-kick my fanny right out.

I'd love to see that Sensitive Actor try to get a gig in LA or NY with that attitude. What part of "professional" doesn't he understand?

Mrs. Pinkerton said...

OMGosh. I thought you looked disturbingly like a certain blacksheepdog.

Norma said...

I'm not in theater, but this one has left me chuckling.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel too bad. My patients pull this kind of stuff too.

"I'm hurting really bad, can I come in now?" the caller says.

"We can get you in at 10:30."

"OK" says the caller

At 10:45 we call the patient, "Is Mr. Jones there? We had him down for a 10:30 appointment."

"Oh, I forgot. Can I come in later? I'm hurting really bad," the patient says.

"OK, we can get you in at 2:00," the receptionist says.

2:15 rolls around, still no patient.

We call again, this time the person doesn't answer.

The receptionist calls again at 2:30, still no answer. After that, I let the receptionist know to file the patient's chart back into the record room and forget about him.

One week later, Mr. Jones calls again...

Anonymous said...

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