Thursday, June 23, 2011

Michael Voris behaves with Less than Christian Charity

His latest video slamming bloggers who are critical of Fr. Corapi is slanderous and insipid.

In the past I've only made fun of his hair.

To imply that he is above the fray because he's not a "professional Catholic on the internet" (which is exactly what he is, as he claims we are) is absurd. He has slammed me and all of you who love Christ and His Church and who are upset about the hypocrisy of Fr. Corapi and Father's abandonment of his priesthood, Father's frustrating the investigation against him, and Father's slander of his bishop.

Let's just say this: if we are partisan enough to support this Voris and his "Real Catholic TV" (and his hair), if we are partisan enough blindly to defend Fr. Corapi after he has shown that he's a disturbed personality at least and an outright fraud at best, if we are partisan enough that we consider ourselves Vorisians or Corapians rather than Christians, than all this is mere politics and to hell with it and with all of us.

Everybody's been saying "thou shalt not judge" when it comes to Fr. Corapi. Well, Voris is judging Father's critics, claiming we have ulterior and shadowy motives. I will not stoop to Voris' level. I assume his own motves are pure and zealous for the Church. But I do call on him in charity to realize that those of us who have criticized Fr. Corapi are not doing it for money or fame or popularity - just read Mark Shea's comboxes if you want to know what kind of money, fame, and popularity he must be reaping over this. Oh, and we don't like Fr. Corapi, you claim, because he's staunchly pro-life anti-gay marriage and bold in his orthodoxy? Voris, my man, those are all the things I love about him!

We are doing it out of love for the Church and the priesthood. Call us wrong-headed, Micheal Voris, but don't insult our motives or our love for the Church.

How dare you.

And how dare your hair.


Anonymous said...

Well said. I wonder if he puts the dig into those bloggers because they also criticise him. If he made a video dedicated to critics of Real Catholic TV it would just look pathetic. This is suitably oblique.

Kevin O'Brien said...

My friends came up with this one, a new presidential ticket: Trump / Voris 2012 - the Wig Party.

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Vorris has hardly even heard of Fr. Corapi,

But remember, he does to put out one of those "Vortex" thingys every day, and he is an excitable fellow, likely he put the thing out to address the news of the day and get it out of the way, - and like my brother his big mouth and alarming (and entertaining)eccentricity will keep putting him under fire.

PS. Mr. O'Brien, you cracked me up about the hair thing, keep writing we love it!