Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Truth and Our Enemies

OK, here we go.

Sean Dailey has made this case in the Gilbert Editorial despite my telling him he was going to far, but he was right and I was wrong.

Here's Sean's latest comment at the ACS website:


Finally, the worst part of Live Action’s lies is that those lies had the effect of leading the Planned Parenthood workers deeper into sin, of undermining their-God given free will to choose good, if given the opportunity. CCC 2489 speaks of “charity and respect for the truth.” Yes, now we know that Planned Parenthood aids and abets teen prostitution and teen abortion and contraception. Is it really any surprise? In other news, water found to be wet. But if the Live Action actors had entered the PP facilities with “charity and respect for the truth” in their hearts, rather than intending to commit evil so good may come from it, how much more might they have accomplished? Could they maybe have converted a soul or two?

As I wrote in my editorial, we are called to be salt and light to everyone we meet. Can you justify exempting Planned Parenthood workers from that mandate? If not, then how can you justify Live Action’s tactics? As our Lord said, “Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do it to me.” What good are we as Christians if the best we can do with the least of Christ’s brethren is help usher them into hell? How will we answer for that at the Judgment?

Remember, the majority of Planned Parenthood’s employees could very well be there because they have been lied to. Now the employees in the videos have been lied to by people who should know better. For shame.


My fear was if people have been ripping me a new one for saying, "Don't lie" they'll freaking crucify me for saying, "Love your enemy".

They did that to someone else once, I hear. Sean Dailey may be next!

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Kevin O'Brien said...

Joe Grabowski gives a kind of gloss on what Sean Dailey was saying:

" ... the sad truth is that these women are often minority women from low incomes who work or volunteer at these clinics, and are just as much victims of the eugenicist lies of the abortionists. What they need is *truth,* not to be lied to. I’ve met a lot of pro-lifers who have cheerleaded and grandstanded about these stings; it was an effective publicity move. But I have yet to meet or even to hear of a *single person* whose heart was changed and converted about the nature of abortion; whereas I have met people who have been able to use it to tsk their tongues and complain about the pro-lifer’s double-standard of morals. What real good has this done? Convincing people who already thought Planned Parenthood was evil that it is really evil doesn’t seem worth the harm of possibly hardening the heart of people who are in the middle of a terrible system of sin. Lying doesn’t lead to truth."