Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Story So Far

OK, I'm getting off the Christopher West thing for a while. We're about to leave on the first of two major tours for Theater of the Word and I hope to post about more entertaining subjects for a bit, God willing.

But to recap.

The Liberals are the Problem

After I was received into the Church (July 30, 2000 - the 78th anniversary to the day of G. K. Chesterton's reception), I spent some horrendous years discovering the lesson of how badly the liberals have messed everything up in the Church.

The Conservatives are the Problem

Then we started Theater of the Word Incorporated and have been struggling with conservatives from the get go, who I found, much to my surprise, are just as confused as the liberals and just as resistant to grace.

Sin is the Problem

But then there's the internet. In the past two years blogging, I've dealt with the following ...

  • Catholics defending torture

  • Catholics defending lying

  • Catholics defending usury

  • Catholics defending consequentialism

  • Catholics getting angry when I praise Holy Poverty

  • Catholics deconstructing the Catechism

  • Catholics defending a priest who renounced his ordination and openly disobeyed his superior and his bishop

  • Catholics defending a bishop who refused to protect children under his care and who saw to it that evidence was destroyed in a pending criminal case

  • Catholics defending the practice of leering at naked women and implying that those who don't aren't spiritually mature

... and the story continues.

The problem ain't the liberals. The problem ain't the conservatives.

The problem is us. We have met the enemy and it is sin.

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