Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Christopher West of the Protestants

The Christopher West of Protestants appears to be Mark Driscoll, who likewise is obsessed with sex and who likewise sees the beautiful Song of Songs as the sex-drenched "centerfold" of the Bible. See a disturbing article on Driscoll here, entitled The Church of Sex. Be advised: Driscoll is not as coy as West, and uses language and examples that are more graphic and "adult" in content.

A friend emails that it appears "the errors of West have spilled all over Protestant-land". I would say rather that this is a symptom of a broader problem in contemporary culture, described by David Kupelian in the linked article:

No matter what kind of person you are, a form of Christianity has evolved just for you. There’s a politically liberal Christianity and a politically conservative Christianity. There’s an acutely activist Christianity and an utterly apolitical Christianity, a Christianity that holds up a high standard of ethical behavior and service, and a Christianity for which both personal ethics and good works are irrelevant. There’s a raucous, intensely emotional Christianity drenched in high-voltage music, and there’s a quiet, contemplative Christianity. There’s a loving Christianity and a hateful, racist Christianity, a Christianity that honors Jews as God’s chosen people and a Christianity that maligns Jews as Satan’s children.

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Tom Leith said...

Which is why we need the Inquisition.