Sunday, June 17, 2012


I have never been treated worse than by people in the Church.


Harry said...

Was it over the internet?
People become worse with anonymity and long distances.

Kevin O'Brien said...

No, Harry, it's been in person or over the phone or via the internet - and it's been a theme for many years.

Fr. Groeschel once said, "If you're going to get close to the Church, you're going to get hurt."

I hate to be cynical, but scoundrels are scoundrels, and sanctimoniousness is good cover for bad behavior.

This is not to overlook all the goodness and love expressed by many - in the Church and out.

Joey Higgins said...

I haven't had the experience that people in the Church behave worse towards me (yet), but I know that it always hurts more when people in the church behave badly - especially when done under the guise that I am "not [something] enough."

My mother has had at least one similar experience.

Joey Higgins said...

(sorry that you have had that experience. It's not fun at all).