Thursday, September 13, 2012

Father Zzzzz - Wake Up!

Father Z. has written a rather lame post in defense of Kansas City Bishop Finn, (more accurately, a post attacking Finn's critics).  Bishop Finn, for those who haven't been following, enabled a child pornographer priest to continue to victimize children by taking pornographic pictures of them, refused to call police, helped destroy evidence in the case, and spent $1.4 million of money from Catholic Schools and Parishes to defend himself from related misdemeanor charges that carried no serious chance of jail time and no real financial fines.  Read my many posts in which I go into detail on this.  Or read the facts of the case, unfiltered by the "liberal anti-Catholic media" (which, apparently, includes orthodox pro-life anti-contraception anti-Obama Catholics like me) - read the documented facts of the case here or here.

Mistaken as Fr. Z's post is, it gets worse: Father Z. is censoring out commenters who disagree with him!  I know of at least three people who attempted to post reasonable comments to counter the Finn-spin, whose comments were never posted.  But there are plenty of comments published in support of the post.

Now, sometimes I moderate comments on this blog, and I will occasionally delete comments that are either too snarky or just plain hateful, so it seems Fr. Z. must feel the same regarding folks who point out the actual and disturbing sins-of-Finn, and who point out (in this case) that the National Catholic Reporter, liberal as that paper is, is quite right in calling for Bishop Finn's resignation. 

But Fr. Z. won't go there. 

Were your daughter's genitals photographed by the priest Bishop Finn protected and sent unsupervised back into circulation?  Don't post that on Fr. Z's blog - which is probably the most read blog in the Catholic blogosphere.  He won't let you.  Because this is not about justice, about protecting the innocent, about Christian charity, or about meeting even the minimum standard of human decency.

It's about us vs. them; and if us includes pedophiles and their enablers, well at least we're not THEM.


Anonymous said...

Remember, Kevin, the spin shall set you free. It's sad that they can't do a better job of picking out seminarians.


Scott W. said...

Make that four people. I said more or less what you said and linked the stipulated testimony. I assumed the link was what threw me in moderation (it does on other sites), but it's been awhile and I don't think mine is going to pass. I may be a reactionary, but I like to think I am a fair reactionary, and that I can acknowledge when stopped clocks like NCR just happen to be right.

Kevin O'Brien said...

I have emailed Fr. Z the following ...

Fr. Z., I am a conservative orthodox pro-life anti-contraception anti-Obama Catholic who hosts a series on EWTN and who has an apostolate supported by Ignatius Press and Cardinal Burke. I implore you to stop circling the wagons and to tell the truth about Bishop Finn - and please read the facts of the case not that the media reports, but that I link to here -


Maybe I'll pierce the bubble. Maybe not.

Harry said...

Well done, Kevin! We have to fight a ghetto mentality as much as we fight off liberalism. That includes taking an unflinching look at our own sins, no matter how bad it hurts.

Dawn Eden said...

I am one of the four. Thank you for calling attention to Father Z's us-vs.-them mentality.