Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Media is the Message-Muffler

Rod Dreher at the American Conservative writes a powerful piece about NCR's firing of the reporter who interviewed Fr. Groeschel.

Rod points out ...

People who run churches and church organizations often don’t understand what communications (journalism, filmmaking, etc.) is. They think it’s all supposed to be publicity, and so they guarantee mediocrity, and ultimately the discouragement of talented people — artists and journalists — who have good and useful talents to give to the whole church.

Exactly.  This attitude propogates what I call The Catholic Ghetto

Or, as a friend of mine recently said, "Christian movies are like porn.  The lighting's bad, the acting's bad, and you know how it's gonna end."

Rod's article is worth a read.

It's critical of EWTN, an organization that saved the Catholic Church in America, but it's worth the read.

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