Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sharing the Guilt

Let's take a break from arguing about Lying for a minute and let something sink in.

Bishop Finn has agreed to pay $600,000 of diocesan funds to the parents of a girl abused by a priest under his care in the diocese of Kansas City.  (I've written about this case at length). 

What struck me from this article about the settlement is this quote ...

The second count, which Fenner allowed to remain, accused the bishop and diocese of receiving, possessing or distributing pornographic images of the girl.

Fenner is the judge in the case, who dismissed one count in the lawsuit and let another stand - the count that the diocese was liable not only for a coverup but was COMPLICIT IN THE CRIME ITSELF.

Let that sink in. 

The diocese of Kansas City was not only wrong in covering up what the abuser did, but was  INVOLVED IN THE CRIME ITSELF - by "receiving and possessing" pornographic images of the two-year-old in question, by not turning the photos over to police, and eventually letting the evidence be destroyed so that the priest had a better chance of getting off.

This is mind boggling.


Anonymous said...

Kevin: I've really enjoyed your coverage of this case, as horrific as it has been. Since the story of the Priest Pedophilia Scandal broke in the United States on Epiphany Sunday around 2001, many of us have said that the Church is guilty of criminal coverups. Few believed us little "canaries in the mines" until recently. Unfortunately for many of the Church-going Catholics, the propaganda of the bishops is believed. According to them, "The crisis is over!" To hear them talk, "It's a thing of the past." Now, I hope their past catches up with them, and they start exchanging their beautiful vestments for little orange PRISON jumpsuits. Jeannie Guzman

Anonymous said...

Complicit, not implicit! JaySr

Kevin O'Brien said...

Thanks, Jay! I wrote the post in a hurry while rushing out the door, and have since corrected it, thanks to you.