Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lying about Chesterton

Deacon Jim Russell is trolling the internet claiming that G. K. Chesterton supported lying for a good cause.

He bases this on a Chesterton quotation taken entirely out of context which I addressed three years ago, and the points I made then Deacon Russell continues to ignore now.

In brief ...

The entire point of Chesterton’s quote and of the English tradition since the execution of the Jesuit martyrs is that equivocation is wrong because it is lying about lying; it is a double lie. Equivocation is not wrong because lying is right; equivocation is wrong because lying is wrong, and to play games with words is to lie twice.

Read what Chesterton actually said about lying here.

And please pray for people who get sucked in to the irrationality that rules most of the internet.

Personally, I need a break.


And, by the way, something else that Deacon Russell and the "We Like Lying" crowd have ignored for years is the mass of evidence that the Ordinary Magisterium has settled this issue - the vast case against Lying and for Honesty that you can read here.