Monday, March 24, 2014

The Tease

This is a repeat.  I linked to this in my latest post.  It's from last year, but it's worth republishing.

Some readers were confused about this - as they are about a lot of things I write.  It's just the perfect portrait of more than one person I've known, that's all.  I suspect my readers have known one or two of these themselves.


We've heard from the Poet and the Sinner.

Today I received an email from the Tease.

Gosh!  I had no idea you would be reading this.  And look at what I'm wearing!
Kevin, we really want you to perform at our parish picnic fish fry fundraiser.  We really really do.  Can you send me a contract?
Oh, well, we can't pay you.  So it will have to be a free show.  And you'll have to pay your own way here, and we're at Fr. Corapi's Montana Ranch, so it's not cheap to get here.
Did I say cheap?  That's what the boys used to call me!  My!  Has my strap been down like that the whole time I've been talking to you?  
You are the most amazing man I've ever known.  I'm enclosing a link to photos of me reading your blog at a nudist colony in Saskatchewan.  I really want to hear back from you.
How dare you click on that link!   Stop stalking me!  I never want to hear from you again!  I am calling my lawyer!
Miss you.
The Tease 

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