Saturday, May 24, 2014

Let's Pretend

The old man he plays let's pretend
When e'er his friends come by
And all his friends, not to offend
Pretend, affirm, and cry,
"Oh, yes, old man, oh what a friend
Both you and trophy wife are!

"How smart is she!  How capably
She does the things we all do!
She's keen and cute and shape-ily
She has the latest hair-do.
Her IQ must be 101, or maybe-ly
It's more!  She surely will go far."

The wife she laughs and says a word
She loudly mispronounces.
The old man, though it seems absurd
To keep her safe he pounces:
Pretends we all misheard
His 20-year old bird

Both you and me
We all, you see,
Must keep alive his fantasy.


Another type of make-believe
I'm sure you've been a part of
Young Amber gets engaged to Steve,
She says it's love, well sort of.
We hope and pray that Steve will leave.
Engaged they may have got;
Engaging he is not.

But no one dares to say a peep or
Make an accusation.
We all pretend that he's a keeper.
Hail the fabrication!
Pretend that you do not
Begin to smell the rot.

"Your house of cards is at an end
It is a bit uneven,
But let's pretend! Oh what a friend -
A friend you have in Stephen!"

Both you and me
We all, you see,
Must keep alive her fantasy.


There is no abnormality
We won't make a reality,
No thing that is amiss
But we affirm by artifice,
No fallacy or fraud
But we hail it as a god.

Though my life ends up in rubble,
I won't let you burst my bubble.

Every soul with an addiction
Demands we join him in his fiction.

Until time will have its end
We all join in "let's pretend".


Whimsy said...

My policy with family is this: I share with you my perspective on things once, and then commend you to prayer. I find it is counterproductive to nag family members. Non-family? I'm reluctant to call out acquaintances, but close friends fall under the family.

Michael said...

It's tough, so few of us have the appropriate authority to admonish somebody for his or her sins.

I tend to 'ignore' as opposed to 'play along'.

I can't imagine being put in a position where one has to 'pretend'(e.g. hearing a gay person discuss their partner).

I'd probably drift off looking at the floor or leave the room.