Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pedophilia and Sexual Orientation

A study by Abel et al. (32) of 377 nonincarcerated, non-incest-related pedophiles, whose legal situations had been resolved and who were surveyed using an anonymous self-report questionnaire, found that heterosexual pedophiles on average reported abusing 19.8 children and committing 23.2 acts, whereas homosexual pedophiles had abused 150.2 children and committed 281.7 acts. 

From Psychiatry Online.

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Dawn Eden said...

This is very interesting and helpful for my work. Thank you.

I have been saying, based on the stories I hear from people, that, despite official statistics, there are as many male victims of childhood sexual abuse as there are female victims. My impression was that male homosexual pedophiles perpetrated more often--serially--than male heterosexual ones, for whom pedophilia was more a crime of convenience (e.g. when a man has access to his girlfriend's children). The study you cite would seem to confirm that.