Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pope Francis Does the Right Thing

The Buenos Aires Herald reports ...

Pope sacks Paraguayan bishop accused of protecting abuser priest

Pope Francis has dismissed a conservative Paraguayan bishop who was accused of protecting a priest suspected of sexually abusing young people in the United States, the Vatican said today.

The Argentinian-born pontiff has vowed zero tolerance against Roman Catholic clerics who sexually abuse minors after a series of scandals hit the Church in a number of countries around the world over many years. Last May, Francis called such abuse an "ugly crime" and likened it to "a Satanic mass".

A statement said the pope had removed Bishop Rogelio Ricardo Livieres Plano from his post as head of the diocese of Ciudad del Este and named another bishop to run it as an administrator for the time being.

The pope's sacking of the bishop came after a Vatican investigation of the bishop, the diocese and its seminaries, said the statement, which gave no details.

Vatican sources said the bishop had refused to resign following the investigation of the accusations and reports of irregularities in his diocese.

According to reports in Catholic media while the Vatican investigation was in progress, Livieres Plano had promoted a priest in his diocese who had been accused of sexual abuse while serving in the United States.

A US bishop had told Paraguayan Church officials that the priest, an Argentinian national who had been promoted to a senior position in the Paraguayan diocese by Livieres Plano, was a "serious threat to young people", according to the reports.

Livieres Plano had defended both himself and the priest, saying the charges against them were unfounded.

The dismissed bishop, a member of the conservative Roman Catholic group Opus Dei, had also become a polarising figure in the Paraguayan Church and often clashed with more progressive clerics.

The Vatican said Pope Francis had taken the "onerous decision" to remove Livieres Plano after careful examination of the results of the Vatican investigation. He has previously said bishops who covered up abuse would be held accountable.

The dismissal of Paraguayan bishop came two days after the pope approved the arrest in the Vatican of a former archbishop accused of paying for sex with children while he was a papal ambassador in the Dominican Republic.

This is huge.  The priest in question, Fr. Urrutigoity, if reports about him are true, is one of the most dangerous men in the Church, and something seemed to be rotten indeed in Ciudad del Este.

I'm wondering if Opus Dei (itself a compromised organization) will have the chutzpah to try to spin this in Bishop Livieres' favor.   Will the right wing of the Church and the Rad Trads paint this as the persecution of a conservative bishop by a liberal pope?  Will blowhard Bill Donohue, who is paid an obscene salary to lie about disgraced "conservative" heroes like Bishop Finn and Maciel, jump to Livieres' defense?  Or will people realize that this is not only the right move by Pope Francis, but a brave and bold one?

It's sad that these days simply doing the right thing in the Church appears brave and bold.  But until enablers and liars in the episcopacy are sacked, the Scandal will continue.

This much at least we know.  Livieres himself will go on the attack, as he did after the Vatican suspended ordinations in his diocese.  And the money and power behind Urrutigoity will rally to defend him or at least to hide him for the time being.

But at least, every once in a while, someone in the Church does the right thing.  This time it was the Pope.


Christopher said...

And yet nary a peep from the Vatican about Danneels, except to give him a role in next month's synod.

Christopher said...

You need seriously to reconsider your assessment of this situation. There's a lot more going on here than just a bishop's dealings with a scandalous priest, if that's even the true reason for his removal.

Kevin Tierney said...

Here's the thing:

We don't know about any agenda or if that bishop was sacked because he was willing to welcome the Latin Mass. Could it be possible? Sure. But we don't have any evidence.

What do we have evidence of? The evidence is overwhelming this bishop was a protector and enabler of a pederast. That covering up was pretty extensive, and involved the full weight of the diocesan apparatus to covering for him. The Latin Mass is irrelevant to this discussion.

Even if it were the Latin Mass, there's no denying the fact the priest was an abuser, and the bishop covered for him. I don't care what other facts they are. If those are true, then somebody's gotta go.

Christopher said...

I absolutely agree he had to go. But the fact that among the MANY who have to go, the only one who actually was sent on his way is Trad friendly will only deepen the ever-growing concern that Pope Francis is an out-and-out liberal ideologue (again, as I said in my first comment, what about Danneels? There's recorded proof that coddled a sexual abuser and ran roughshod over the concerns of the victims, and yet he's still in the Pope's good graces). I might add that I'm not a traditionalist and I'm no enemy of the novus ordo mass, but I simply have to admit that their anxiety with the present pontificate is not unfounded.