Monday, November 21, 2011

I Can't Get Free of Free-Father-Frank

As I've mentioned before, as soon as I got tired of receiving beg emails every other day from Priests for Life and cancelled my email subscription, I began receiving spam emails from some shady outfit called I won't link to their site, as the site tries to run scripts on me when I visit it and locks up Internet Explorer. There are no opportunities to unsubscribe from this spam, and it's coming to an address that only Priests for Life knew. In their latest spam, they carry a statement by Fr. Pavone about his priesthood. Clearly, Fr. Pavone is aware of this website (which, if you do manage to visit it you'll find contains what almost amounts to hate speech against Bishop Zurek). Clearly, Fr. Pavone's organization provided this site with my email address without my permission so that they might illegally spam me. Clearly, Fr. Pavone tacitly endorses these venomous attacks on his bishop. Clearly, when Fr. Pavone publicly supports doing bad so that good may come, we should take him at his word.

Anyone who gives a dime to Priests for Life at this point is a fool.


Anonymous said...

I do not know what is more scandalous: the unreported funds, or Fr. Frank's attitude that is worthy of defrocking (a lot of priests react like that, indignant).

Anonymous said...

When I called to remove my name from the Priest's for Life mailing list, a very sincere sounding woman (and I believe she was sincere) asked why, and when I told her I was disgusted with Fr. Pavone treatment of his Bishop and disobedience, she said she was sad to hear that, and that it wasn't true, and would I like to speak with someone who could explain the true story to me. I declined rather vehemently. Sad mess.

We have been disgusted with the organization for years. Which also makes one question (although I like Fr. Peter from Priests for Life) why he is on the board of Priests for Life and now in charge (with the other priest) of Human Life International) - another ticking time bomb.

I won't give HLI a red cent either ever since I discovered that the board of HLI lied, covered up, and praised Euteneuer as he left for his 10 years of meritorious service although they know full well he is probably guilty of several counts of felony rape.

Anonymous said...

What bugs me is that you just can't point out the faults of one of these enlightened "holy" types like anyone in Regnum Christi for instance, if you do they see it as persecution for the sake of Christ. Hardly!

Kevin O'Brien said...

Anonymous #3, that's the real problem. The moral failings of priests such as Fr. Maciel, Fr. Corapi, Fr. Euteneuer, and apparently Fr. Pavone are to be expected. We are a church of sinners, after all.

But indeed self-sytled conservative Catholics have put up a barricade such that any criticism of one of their own is perceived as an attack upon the Church - even if their guy is a a rapist, bigamist, drug addict, liar or pedophile enabler. If he's my guy and you attack him - regardless of the truth - you are worthy of nothing but contempt and are on the side of Satan.

But since we are a church of sinners, this is to be expected too.

ben said...

Fr Frank's expiration date seems to have passed. He's completely disappeared from all the normal outlets where I used to catch him. I never bothered with his website because it was very Web 1.0 and was visually annoying, so I'm glad I never got caught up in their spam machine. and CatholicCulture.Org are bad enough with the spam, and I don't need any more. While I'm very pro-life, I won't miss him.

It's too bad. We're all sinners, as you point out. A little repentance would surely increase his standing. Just like celebrities coming out of Betty Ford.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone who gives a dime to Priests for Life at this point is a fool." ... And anyone who doesn't is an asshole. - look dude, the priest is obeying his Bishop. What else do you want?

Also, Anon number 2, Fr. Euteneuer NEVER committed rape. you need to check your facts first, and comment second.


Kevin O'Brien said...


He's apparently not obeying his bishop. He appears to be behind the freefrfrank website, which is filled with hate speech directed at his bishop, which sends out spam emails, and which is spewing lies and half-truths about this same bishop. Some obedience.

If Fr. Frank is not behind freefrfrank, then he needs to distance himself from them and their venom publicly. The fact that he hasn't is quite telling.

And Fr. Euteneuer has indeed been accused of committing rape, and has admitted to inappropriate sexual contact with deomically possessed women under his care - which is sexual abuse, if not rape. He has been accused of rape and has admitted sexual abuse.

You encourage commenters to check their facts. I agree with you. Check this:

Anonymous said...

Wow Kevin, you're using Tom O'Toole as a source for facts? Where ya been man? He was outed as a fraud many months ago by a legitimate journalist who challenged him on his sources. O'Toole could not provide anything but hearsay. The document you reference is anonymous..hello, what does that tell you? Even if we are to believe that the writer actually knows the woman in question - he admits to not being in contact with her for YEARS. That's a source of facts?? Go back to the rock you crawled out from under...

Peter Roth

Kevin O'Brien said...

Peter Roth, what legitimate journalist challenged Tom O'Toole? Specifically, how has he been discredited as a source? Please provide evidence.

And are you really defending a priest who admitted to sexually abusing women at their most vulnerable - during exorcisms when they had placed complete trust in him and when they were perhaps not even conscious? Are you really defending this?????

Anonymous said...

It was one of the LifeSite News journalists. If I find time after work, I'll look up exactly which one. He publicly challenged O'Toole and cornered him on his lack of evidence.

Perhaps you ought to check your facts:
It was not during exorcisms.
It was ONE WOMAN. Not women.

I (like most Catholics) prefer sticking to the facts and not blowing things out of proportion. O'Toole logged a lot of miles on this situation - and continues to seek attention(and SOLICIT DONATIONS) for his writings on Father Corapi. The more sensational he makes it - the more attention he gets.

Jeanette O'Toole said...
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Jeanette O'Toole said...

<<< Wow Kevin, you're using Tom O'Toole as a source for facts? Where ya been man? He was outed as a fraud many months ago by a legitimate journalist who challenged him on his sources. >>>

<<< It was one of the LifeSite News journalists...He publicly challenged O'Toole and cornered him on his lack of evidence. >>>

Wow, Peter Roth. Where'd you hear that? Tom is telling the truth. I don't understand those (you're not alone) who stand up for a priest that has damaged women so severely. And, yes, it's women; plural. I can't reveal Tom's sources (but they were solid). Someday maybe they'll come out on their own, write stories, blogs, books, whatever.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it can be said that we (I know I am not alone) do not understand how the promise of attention in the blogosphere can so effectively motivate your husband towards such hate-filled attacks against priests.
And know for your own sanity - I will not be checking back here for any comments. However, if you are so inclined to continue defending your husband (as I know my wife would do for me!) you may email me at
God bless

Kevin O'Brien said...


Please understand that if in fact Fr. Euteneuer has done what Tom O'Toole claims he has done, then O'Toole's posts are not "hate filled attacks against a priest". They are, instead, a means of conveying the truth and defending the victims.

Tom O'Toole's sources spoke to him on condition of anonymity. That clearly creates a problem, as there's no way to verify if what O'Toole is posting is true.

That is not the case with, for example, Bishop Finn. People are furious with me for criticizing Bishop Finn. But my crtiticism is based on a verifiable source - the Graves Report, which the KC diocese commissioned. We know the facts in the Kansas City case (the situation is far from anonymous) and we know that Bishop Finn did not act to protect the children of his diocese.

When I point this out, it's not a hate-filled attack against a bishop, as his supporters claim it is. I have been very careful to say that I honor Bishop Finn's orthodoxy and his commitment to teaching the truth about our Faith. However, when priests and bishops fail in some very public way - for instance when a bishop puts his concern for a priest and his fear of litigation ahead of the safety of the children in his diocese, or when a priest supports illegal and illicit means to achieve what he sees as a good end, or when a priest goes goofy with drugs and hookers and renounces his vocation - what are we to do?

If we allow the factionalists to rule the day, then what kind of witness is this to the secular community? Are we to say, "I follow Paul!" or "I follow Apollos!" - no we are to say, "I follow Christ" (see 1 Cor. 1:12) In pointing out the obvious and noteworthy failure of these clerics, we are working against the scandal they cause and affirming our commitment to Christ and the health of His Body.

And so in the case of Fr. E., if he did more than what he admitted to doing, if he did what Tom O'Toole says his sources claim he did, then we are dealing with a horrendous situation, the worst of the lot - worse than Bishop Finn, Fr. Pavone or Fr. Corapi.

I will grant you, Peter, that there is less evidence in Fr. E's case than in the others. Personally, however, I tend to believe O'Toole's stories on this.

Still, if there exists a report that discredits him, I am willing to see it. You have not yet provided it.

As it stands, it seems odd that Fr. E. would be whisked away as quickly as he was due to one non-sexual indiscretion (which is what Fr. E. claims). And knowing what we know about the trouble celebrity priests get into, especially when they start to run their own apostolates free of episcopal oversight, the stories on O'Toole's site, I'm sorry to say, ring true.

Let us pray that they are not, and let us pray for all involved.